Freshbyte, as a software development partner, works with companies of all sizes all across the world, including:

Cloud Troopers

Specialized in open-source e-commerce solutions for Enterprise, Cloud Troupers offers complete technology services that range from Business Analysis to Software Development, Quality Assurance and 24×7 NOC services.

As one of the Cloud Troupers development collaborators, Freshbyte contributed with the expertise of its Drupal and Front End team members to the development of a Drupal7/Symfony solution for Allegiant Airlines.

Collinson Technology Services

Collinson Technology Services (CTS), was founded in May 2012 as a merger between Global Marketing Software (GMS), Collinson Latitude technology division, Collinson Network Services and other technology departments within the group.

Freshbyte continued it’s already strong standing relationship with GMS into CTS in delivering world class technology products and services to the Group.

Laterally Digital

Laterally Digital (LD) was formed in 2013 as the London marketing and professional services sister company of Freshbyte.
Laterally Digital is a digital solutions company with the mission to create world-class digital product and see that as encompassing product development, product support and business insight.
Freshbyte have developed and are hosting the LD corporate website.

Customer First Solutions

As the development partner for CFS, Freshbyte is assisting CFS in the development and support of the mobile and back office survey management system called PRISM.
Read more about this exciting product at:

Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania, one of the three largest banks in Romania, invested in a strong online presence in the recent years. Being one of its long term technology collaborators, Freshbyte assisted in the development of several online platforms and different custom applications for social media platforms.

Global Marketing Software

Global Marketing Software (GMS), a specialist loyalty technology solution provider of The Collinson Group partnered with Freshbyte in 2010 to develop and support the delivery of powerful loyalty solutions to global business ranging across various marketing sectors including hospitality, technology channels and airlines. The strong working relationship with GMS was transferred to Collinson Technology Services (CTS) when it was formed as a merger of various Collinson technology companies.

The Collinson Group

The Collinson Group is a global group of companies with a unique mix of products and searches for Marketing, Travel Enhancements and Insurance. The group delivers innovative technology combined with compelling content such as travel enhancements, insurance, brand partnerships and more, to drive customer engagement and provide incremental revenue opportunities.

Freshbyte, as the technology service partner for Collinson Technology Services (CTS), worked on the delivery of the iRedeem Product and it’s deployment to three major airlines. Freshbyte was also instrumental in delivering powerful profile driven CMS solutions that integrates with customer systems and CTS’ loyalty solutions.

Collinson Latitude

Collinson Latitude is a global provider of innovative products that deliver incremental revenue for brands and product enhancements for reward and loyalty programmes.
Freshbyte assists Collinson Latitude in the software product development and client deployments.


An initiative provided by Gigstarter Ltd – the OpenStage software solution is architected, developed and supported by Freshbyte. OpenStage is a brand nw startup that will launch soon…

MB Dental

MB Dental is a professional dental clinic in Cluj-Napoca. Renowned in the area and across national borders for the efficiency and quality of treatments, the team started to look for web development solutions a few years back. Freshbyte was pleased to help with the development of their website and offered support, maintenance along with other online solutions that address their clients from all over Europe.

Urma Fashion

Completing a portfolio of varied custom made websites, exhibits the work of Urma’s talented fashion designer Paula Magdas. The studio became known for tackling a sophisticated blend of boldness with ultra feminine line that perfectly reflects the atmosphere casual and glamor. After the initial launch, the website is periodically updated with the latest web style trends by Freshbyte skilfull designers.

Duo Fantasio

Duo Fantasio is a full service wedding agency that offers a wide range of decorations, diverse event planning services and consultancy. Freshbyte developed a custom made PHP website for owner and wedding planner Raluca K. that comprise the entire business philosophy, details services, presents flower creations and decor.


With an experience of more than 20 years in the field of real estate evaluation, Darian has become the biggest and most sought after company in Romania’s consultancy market.
Always with a step ahead, Darian invested in technologies and platforms in an effort to offer up to date solutions for its clients and support the work of its employees. Freshbyte is one of Darian’s technology partners and is now involved in the development of a custom intranet.

Empire Movers

New York based moving company, Empire Movers, offers quality moving services at prices that defies the competition. Experts in moving antiques and pianos, Empire Movers promote their niche business online. Freshbyte quickly became a trusted collaborator for any web solutions ranging from website development to online marketing support and consultancy.

Renier Botha Ltd

Freshbyte’s ability to scale enables us to support companies of any size – assisting it’s customers to utilise the best that web technology can offer, when creating a web presence.
When Renier Botha registered his business consultancy, he approach Freshbyte to build the website and blog using PHP Drupal.
Freshbyte are hosting and supporting as part of their 24×7 service delivery capability.

ke Solutions

ke Solutions provides a full set of web development services fully tailored to suit different business needs, permanent support and maintenance for any project, and covers a vast technical area based around web technologies and trends. As a long term partner, Freshbyte collaborated with developers in Fort Lauderdale for a variety of web projects.

JR Jewelers

JR Jewelers is an online store that sells luxury jewelry and carries a large and exquisite bridal jewelry selection. JR Jewelers is a prime source of quality diamonds with many exclusive one-of-a-kind creations. The website e-commerce solution was managed by Freshbyte developers, using a special developed website builder.

Tango Studio

Tango Studio is an online survey company startup. The final project will consist in a practical web service that enables users to easily conduct and manage online surveys. Everything from market research surveys, customer surveys, survey hosting, survey design, and reporting services will be administered using Drupal.


ToolzDo tool is an online marketplace where members can sell, change, receive donations and rent gear. The project intends to encourage the recycling of different objects and the reuse of tools in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable life.

Find out more about this project:

Fishing Mega Store

With more than two decades of experience in the field of sport fishing equipment, Glasgow Angling Center owns the  #1 online fishing Megastore in UK and the largest brick and mortar one in Europe.

GAC approached Freshbyte to assist in the development of new specialized online fishing stores.

Salon Vaso

Salon Vaso is a superb hair salon in Miami, Florida. The salon owner is famous for her talent and creates a standard in hair style for the most wanted fashion houses, podiums and luxury spas.

Rice House of Kabob

Rice House of Kabob restaurants are the realization of Shabani brothers in honor of their Persian heritage. The site presents the restaurants specialties and gives customers the opportunity of ordering online all the tasty assortments from the persian cuisine. Also, regular customers can use the site to make online restaurant reservations in all Rice of Kabob locations.

Cash Doctor

Cash Doctor is a free online health care community that allows consumers to share prices and fees paid to health care providers. With the help of Cash Doctor, USA consumers can share information, learn more about the health care system and take control of the healtcare model in their own communities.

In the partnership relationship, Freshbyte always ensures a professional approach and collaborative interaction with our client’s customers and brands for whom software development service are provided. A few of these include:


Allegiant Air is an American low-cost airline owned by Allegiant Travel Co. The airline is focused on leisure travelers, and creates flights for clients in colder northern climates that seek warm-weather tourist destination. Freshbyte, as the technology service partner of Cloud Troupers, is contributing with the expertise of the Drupal and Front End teams in the development of Allegiant website and booking application.

Cathay Pacific

The Collinson Groups redemption platform and product, build by Collinson Technology Services and their technology service partner Freshbyte, was deployed as a web shop redemption addition to the Cathay Pacific frequent flyer programme.


In support of the CFS Prism Survey tool, Freshbyte configured and provide technical support for a WWF donations survey.

InterContinental Hotel Group

InterContinental Hotel Group is a long standing client of ICLP, the world leading loyalty marketing agency part of The Collinson Group.
Freshbyte assisted ICLP and GMS in the development and maintenance of the IHG loyalty platforms using PHP Drupal.

L’Oréal Professionnel

As the #1 professional brand worldwide, L’Oréal Professionnel is committed to helping hairdressers achieve their dreams, excel in their art and succeed in their business.
GMS approached Freshbyte to assist in the delivery of a loyalty platform for L’Oreal professional called Elite Loyalty.


RedKen provide professional salon services and exclusive loyalty programmes are part of the benefits to their clients that give back to the salons for every Redken made.
Freshbyte assisted GMS to develop and deliver the Redken loyalty programme.

Guoman and Thistle Hotels

Guoman and Thistle hotels have launched their first loyalty programme Signature on the advice of leaders in loyalty, ICLP.
Freshbyte supported GMS in the delivery of the technology behind the Signature loyalty solution using PHP and Drupal.
Read more about it here:

ICLP Leaders in Loyalty

ICLP as Leaders in Loyalty are deeply passionate about achieving results from compelling loyalty propositions and customer relationship strategies. As part of the The Collinson Group ICLP provide turn key loyalty programme solutions to their clients and their customers.
Freshbyte, as a PHP Drupal and Magento specialist, is a strategic partner of The Collinson Group in providing world class technology and support services in support of the groups product builds and client deployments.


Orange is the largest GSM operator in Romania and offers a wide range of communications solutions to its clients, both individual users and companies, from basic services to integrated services for fixed and mobile voice and data.
Orange established itself as a brand created to make communication easier between people. With that in mind, the company constantly endeavors to improve in every possible dimension. Freshbyte is assisting Orange in the development of an internal survey that evaluates the performance of managers from the employees’ point of view.”


DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry that takes their quality of service seriously. Customer First Solutions (CFS) assisted DHL in conducting a survey using the innovative PRISM Suite. Freshbyte as the technology service partner of CFS, did the PRISM configuration and provided the software support contributing to smooth technical operations.

Flying Blue

Air France and KLM turned to ICLP to take Flying Blue to greater heights. The enhancements include the launch of the Flying Blue Store which will allow members to redeem their Award Miles online for the first time, with a wide range of strategic partners.
Freshbyte, as Magento specialist, are an intrinsic part of the team developing and supporting the system. Read more about this exciting product deployment at:

Delta SkyMiles Marketplace Philippines

As specialist in PHP Magento, Freshbyte assists Collinson Technology Services in the development, deployment and ongoing live support of the Delta Skymiles web shop in Asia.


SSE is a energy provider in the UK. CFS has done a “product quality” survey for SSE utilising their innovative PRISM Survey tool, technically supported by Freshbyte.

Life Healthcare

Customer First Solutions conducted several surveys assessing the service quality of Life Healthcare. Behind the scenes, Freshbyte’s technical support team works in supporting the technology solution and the survey configuration.

Croydon Council

When Customer First Solution conducted surveys for Croydon Council on how their citizens were served, Freshbyte was working behind the scenes supporting the CFS Prism Survey Tool.


Screwfix is a comprehensive tool provider for any tradesman and proud themselves in the quality of there products. When Customer First Solutions was asked to do a customer survey measuring Screwfix’s product quality, Freshbyte was in the back-office providing software development and support to ensure a stable PRISM survey execution.